About Groups

What are groups? Groups provide a collaborative environment to facilitate the sharing of analytic tools, data extracts and workflows.

A BioExtract Server account lets you create and access groups. You can create a BioExtract Server account by clicking the register link on the top right corner of any BioExtract Server page.

You can create groups by using the Create Group option on the Groups page. When you create a group, you'll be able to invite others to join it. Plus you'll be able to share your tools, data extracts and workflows with group members.

As a group member, you can view and execute any of the tools, workflows and data extracts that you've been given permission to access.

To use group tools, sign in and click the Tools tab. In Available Tools, in the left panel, open My Tools. By default, group tools are listed along with your private tools. Locate and select the group tool you want to use. Its form will open in the right panel.

To use group workflows, sign in and click the Workflows tab. By default, all workflows (public, private and group) are given in one big list. Locate and select the group workflow you want to use. The workflow graph and its control buttons will open in the right panel.

Group data extracts can be found on the Query page in the Available Data Sources list under Miscellaneous.