About Our Workflows

What are workflows? The BioExtract Server workflow system allows users the ability to save a series of BioExtract Server tasks (e.g. querying a data source, saving a data extract and executing analytic tools) as a workflow. Any series of tasks performed on data is a possible candidate for workflow automation.

BioExtract Server's most unique feature may be its ability to record your tasks as you perform them and then turn those tasks into a workflow. This means that you create a workflow by simply performing the tasks in your analysis job. It's that easy!

How it works: As you perform the tasks in your job, BioExtract Server watches and records each task as a step. Once you've finished all of your tasks, simply click Save, and the BioExtract Server connects the steps together to form a complete workflow.

When you execute the workflow, you can execute it as one unit or each step in the workflow can be run individually. Execution can also be paused to allow you to check progress or adjust input into a step.

Steps in the workflow can be modified. This allows you to repeat the workflow on different data or with modified parameters. A detailed report can also be generated for personal review, publishing or for sharing with colleagues.

As a guest, you can study and run BioExtract Server's public workflows.

As a registered user, you can do all that a guest can. Plus you'll be able to create, modify and share workflows with colleagues. To register, click the Register link in the top right corner of every BioExtract Server page. Registration is fast, easy and free.