Adding a Tool

The BioExtract Server offers registered users the ability to add analytic tools to their BioExtract Server workspace. Users may select such tools from a list of web services, including EMBOSS SoapLab, BioMoby and KEGG. BioExtract Server also offers generic support for other SOAP-based web services and lets users add local command line tools residing on their own workstations through the use of a client-side Java applet.

To add a SoapLab, BioMoby and KEGG tool to your account:

  1. From the Tools page, in the left panel, click Add a New Tool located beneath the Available Tools list. A new list containing BioMoby Tools, Soaplab Tools and KEGG Tools will appear. You can browse these tools as a guest, but if you want to add any of these tools to your BioExtract Server workspace, you must have an account and be signed in.
  2. Click the plus signs to look through the tools for the one you need or enter a keyword in the Search box. Matches will highlight in orange.
  3. When you find the tool you want, select it. Tool details will appear in the right panel. Click the Save Tool button to add the tool to your BioExtract Server workspace. You will find the newly added tool in Available Tools > My Tools.

Other important information