Query - Creating Queries

You perform queries to retrieve data from data sources for further processing. PLEASE NOTE: At this time, only sequence data can be retrieved.

To create a query:

  1. From the Query page, select one or several data sources to search. Data sources are located in Available Data Sources. Use the plus signs to open folders and the check box next to the data source name to make your selection. When a data source is selected, it will appear in the adjacent right box.
  2. Next, go to the Query Form at the bottom of the Query page. Use the Search Field drop-down menu to focus your search to a specific part of a data source (like Title, Gene or Species). Or, to search through all of a data source's text, choose "All Text."
  3. In the Search Term(s) box, type in the item you wish to look for. You can type a word or a phrase like "kinase" or "heat shock factor" (without the quotes). You can use uppercase, lowercase or a combination, BioExtract Server ignores case completely.
  4. Click Submit Query. Your query results will display under the Extracts tab as part of the Current Extract interface.

Other important information