The page that displays a list of the query results. From this page, you can save results as a searchable data extract, export results in FASTA format and view detailed data for listed records. In addition, results may be filtered and used as input into analytic tools.

The following is a description of the Extracts page:

Current Extract interface

item number one Save Extract: The ability to save results as a data extract is available only to users who have registered with the BioExtract Server. Once saved, data extracts are listed with other available data sources on the Query tab under Miscellaneous.

item number two Export Records: Download records from the current result page or all of the results. Records download in FASTA format.

item number three See number of matches found.

item number four Data sources searched and the number of records found in each.

item number five Numbered links allow you to go to any Result Page. First moves to the first page, and last moves to the final page.

item number six Select Records: Displays buttons and check boxes to narrow down results.

item number seven External Link: See detailed data about the clicked record at that data source's web site.

item number eight Local Details: Displays the GenBank file for the clicked record.

item number nine Description: Displays a short description of the record. May include Enzyme Commission (ec) links.

Other important information