Accepting a Group Invitation

How do I accept an invitation to join a BioExtract Server group?

  1. Before accepting an invitation, you'll first need to create a BioExtract Server account. Open On the top right corner of any BioExtract Server page, select register. Fill in the required fields and click Add User. Your account will be created immediately.
  2. Return to the invitation email. The invitation email tells you that a BioExtract Server group wants to add you as a member. It gives you the name of the group that you've been invited to join and gives you a link to accept the invitation.
  3. Take note of the group's name for future reference, then click the invitation link. A window appears asking you to "Enter you login credentials to accept the invitation."
  4. Enter your BioExtract Server user name and password and click Accept Invitation. A window displays "Thank you for accepting the invitation."
  5. Click the Continue button. The BioExtract Server web site opens
  6. Sign in by clicking the sign in link on the top right corner of any BioExtract Server page.
  7. Click the Groups tab. Under Member Groups you will see the name of the group that you joined.
  8. Select the group name. The group form opens in the right panel.
  9. Click the Members tab. In the Group Members list you will see your email address. You now have access to the tools, data extracts and workflows owned by that group.