Our Public Workflows

The BioExtract Server includes public workflows to help get you started. They can be found on the Workflows page, in the Workflows list in the left panel. Execute them to see how they work. Use them to get ideas for your own workflows. Or copy them to your BioExtract Server workspace and modify them to meet your needs.

To view BioExtract Server's public workflows:

  1. Click the Workflows tab. In the Workflows list in the left panel, you will see the following public workflows:

    • Blastn-ClustalW Example
    • CpGAT Maize
    • Gene function prediction in Macaca Fasciculus
    • Phylogenetic analysis from a gene query
    • Protein alignment from a gene query
    • Sequence Format Conversion
    • mRNA Markup
    • phylogenetic analysis
  2. Select the name of the workflow you want to view. A graphical view of the workflow will open in the right panel and the steps that make up the workflow will display in the left panel (beneath the workflow name).

    The nodes in the workflow graph represent workflow steps and are labeled with numbers corresponding to the numbered workflow steps in the left panel.

    You can now study the workflow, execute it, or copy it to your account and modify it to meet your needs.

To copy a public workflow to your BioExtract Server workspace:

  1. Turn recording on so BioExtract Server can record what you do. To do so: Click the Workflows tab.
  2. At the top of the left panel, select Create and Import Workflows (only visible when signed in). The Create and Import Workflows form opens in the right panel.
  3. In Create Workflow at the top of the form, click the Record Workflow button.
  4. Next, open the public workflow that you want to make a copy of and run it. The BioExtract Server will record the running workflow in the background.
  5. Once all of the steps in the workflow have completed, save a copy of the executed workflow. To do so: Select Create and Import Workflows at the top of the Workflows list. The Create and Import Workflows form will open in the right panel.
  6. In the Save Workflow section, type a new Name and keep or change the Description.
  7. Click the Save button. You'll see the copied workflow at the bottom of the Workflows list. You can now run it and modify it to meet your needs.