Query - Refining Queries

You can refine queries by combining words with Boolean operators. To do this:

Click the "Add Search Line" button located above the query form. A new search line will appear. Add enough search lines so you can type one word per line. A notable exception: Do not separate species names, type the full name in one line.

Select "Nucleotide (nuccore)" which is a data source that can be found within Nucleotide Sequences and try the below examples for practice:

  • Click Add Search Line three times, then enter:
    Definition = heat
    AND Definition = shock
    AND Definition = factor
    AND Species = gallus gallus
    ...this will return records for "heat shock factor" in Gallus Gallus.
A query using Boolean AND
  • Using two search lines, enter:
    Gene = cdh4
    OR Gene = C4
    ...this will return records that mention one or the other gene name, but not necessarily both.
A query using boolean OR

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