Sharing Workflows

This section covers ways of sharing workflows, including how to export workflows from BioExtract Server and how to import workflows into BioExtract Server.

To export workflows from BioExtract Server:

If you've created a workflow, you may want to make it available to a larger audience, (like MyExperiment is a virtual research environment designed to provide a mechanism for the collaboration and sharing of workflows. To do so:

  1. Click the Workflows tab. In the Workflows list, select the name of the workflow you want to export. The workflow graph opens in the right panel.
  2. Click the Export button located below the workflow graph. In the open dialog box, choose where you want to save the workflow file. You can now submit the file at MyExperiment or at other web sites that host bioinformatics workflows.

To import workflows into BioExtract Server:

You can receive workflows from others or download them from web sites that host bioinformatics workflows (like To do so:

  1. Click the Workflows tab. In the Workflows list, choose Create and Import Workflows (only visible when signed in). The Create and Import Workflows form opens in the right panel.
  2. In the Import Workflow area, click Browse and find the file you want to import. We currently support the importing of BioExtract Server workflows only.
  3. Click the Import button. The BioExtract Server imports the workflow and displays it in the Workflows list. You can now execute the imported workflow or modify it as desired.

WARNING: Don't make changes to the workflow file before importing. The BioExtract Server won't recognize your changes and may even refuse to import the workflow. Import the workflow first, and then modify.

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