View Workflow Reports

A workflow provenance report can be generated for all workflows, both public and your own. The workflow provenance report includes detailed information for every step in the workflow.

To view a workflow provenance report:

  1. From the Workflows page, select the desired workflow name. The workflow graph and its control buttons will open in the right panel. Don't forget to sign in to see your workflows.
  2. In the title of the workflow panel, click the Start button to the right of the workflow's name. The workflow begins to run.
  3. After the workflow has run, in the title of the workflow panel, you will see (complete) appear to the right of the workflow's name.
  4. Click the Provenance button below the workflow graph to see the workflow's provenance report. The provenance report will open. You can now view all of the workflow's steps, including a general description of the workflow, analytic tool descriptions, parameter settings, input/output files, query information and saved data extract descriptions. Also available is a link to View/Download the workflow provenance report in PDF format.